Follow This: Geloy Concepcion’s Adventures in America
BY CREATE Philippines
December 09, 2023

Geloy Concepcion begins his very first vlog by explaining why he’s putting up a vlog in the first place. Not that he needs to: nobody really bothers justifying uploading anything on YouTube these days, and Concepcion is a terrific, world-renowned photographer and artist whose body of work really speaks for itself. Any output from him is a welcome addition to the world of content. But the explanation sets the tone for the rest of the video. 

Concepcion expresses a thoughtfulness about going into the world of vlogging, talking about how it will benefit his upcoming exhibit as part of the CCP Thirteen Artists. He mentions that people tend to experience his work through Instagram, where he only posts finished images. And so, his vlog becomes a means of sharing his process with his audience. And he talks about how he wants to share a piece of life as an immigrant and a father, living in San Francisco California.

What follows is pretty intimate. Over footage of Concepcion walking in the streets of San Francisco, we hear him narrating the story of his life, starting from when he was just a kid that liked to draw, to him getting into photography and finding success in that field. Along the way, we see him snapping photos, and the images that result. It is practically a first person view of a photographer looking for moments to capture, paired with Concepcion’s gentle voice telling us stories from his life.

The second episode gets more into his time becoming an immigrant, and finding his footing as an artist in a new land. The approach is the same, however. It’s still footage of Concepcion in search of photos to snap, his eye guiding us to these images yet to be captured. It’s a relaxing experience that doubles as engaging educational content. Concepcion basically gives us access to his photographer’s eye, letting us see what he sees when he decides to take a photo.

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