Arts and culture activities you can join this Philippine Creative Industries Month
Art Direction Cinematography Creative Direction
BY Arry Assiddao, September 19, 2023
The Power of Remembering: K'na the Dreamweaver Director Ida Del Mundo Returns to Cinemalaya with Two Short Films Exploring Memory
Cinematography Creative Direction Editorial Design
BY Arry Asiddao, August 11, 2023
JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON THAT IS ‘PATÓK’! Novice releases digital issue to honor iconic jeepney
Creative Direction Digital Arts
BY Novice, July 20, 2023
FYI: There is a New Law to Aid in the Growth of Design, Fashion, and Other Creative Industries in the Philippines
Animation Branding Design
BY CREATE PHILIPPINES, November 24, 2022
DTI-CITEM delves into esports, Web 3.0 and more at Creative Futures
BY Arry Asiddao, July 25, 2022
DTI-CITEM's Creative Futures 2022 to present what's next for the Philippine creative economy
Creative Direction
Sustainable design: 5 terms you need to know
Motherhood in the poetry of 5 Filipina creatives
BY Arry Asiddao, May 06, 2022
These 5 hip hop acts that prove that the Pinoy dancer has swag like no other
The Way We Eat
BY Idge Mendiola, March 28, 2022
Raxenne Maniquiz named one of The One Club’s Young Guns 19 winners
BY Ivan Jethro Balagtas, November 05, 2021
Two comics creators on what it would take for the local comics industry to grow
BY Create Philippines, June 24, 2021
How Canva Philippines lets uncertainty breed compassion
BY Emil Hofileña, June 24, 2021
An internationally recognized animation studio is opening in Cebu and they’re hiring
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
A Pixar short film featuring Filipino characters is on YouTube
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
Filipino komik artists find a digital home in this new platform
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
This cyberpunk card game is inspired by a dystopian vision of Metro Manila
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
This animated Filipino romantic comedy is part of this eclectic international film festival
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
Cinemalaya Film Festival is doing things differently. Here’s how.
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
British Council’s free new online courses are designed for the modern creative
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
A game app is raising awareness on Filipino-Austronesian culture
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
This NFT game is helping Filipinos earn above minimum wage
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
A new incentive promotes international co-productions with Filipino filmmakers
BY Create Philippines, June 23, 2021
How these Filipino marketing campaigns established human connection
BY Candice Laquian, June 18, 2021
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